Arnott's Shapes

Arnott’s Shapes have been made since the 1950’s and are a favourite Australian snack, with over 53 million packs being sold a year! Shapes are baked not fried, contain no added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and come foil wrapped for freshness. Arnott’s Shapes provide a healthier option than fried chips and are perfect for parties, sharing or a tasty snack.


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Different flavors 

Whether you prefer plain, flavored or traditional, Arnott’s quality crackers have all your entertaining and snacking needs covered! Order a box with your favorite Shapes today at

Shapes cheddar: Enjoy the intense taste of Arnott’s Shapes Cheddar. Are you a true cheese lover! Try these extreme cheddar shapes now. Arnott’s Shapes Cheddar are nice and compact and go perfectly with a dip.

Shapes pizza: A spicy and healthy snack! That is the hexagonal cookie Arnott's Shapes pizza. With this Australian biscuits you imagine yourself completely in Italy!