Order Tim Tam biscuits?

The unique flavor of Tim Tam biscuits is due to the chocolate specially developed for Arnott's with a light caramel flavor. The filling consists of a unique combination of vanilla, butter, and chocolate with a rich chocolate coating. The choices are white, milk and dark chocolate. Dip the cookies in your coffee, tea, milk or chocolate milk and experience the fantastic taste sensation!

The famous Australian TimTam biscuits

The TimTam biscuits are a custom during an Australian coffee break, but now also available in the Netherlands! The biscuits have many names such as Tim Tam Slam, Tim Tam Bomb and Tim Tam Explosion.

The favorite drink to eat with your Tim Tam cookies is number 1 preference: coffee, naturally followed by hot chocolate and Bailey’s In Australia, Port is also popular to include.  


Mega production!

Who doesn't love our Tim Tam cookies! Millions are sold worldwide! In Australia alone, they eat 45 million packs a year and that includes a substantial production. 3,000 Tim Tam biscuits are produced per minute at the Arnott’s factory in Sydney.