The newest trend in the wedding world! 18-04-2019

The newest trend in the wedding world!

The wedding season has started again and what could be nicer (and tastier) than selecting and tasting your wedding cake. But why choose a cake when there is so much more. Discover the latest wedding trend of 2019, the COOKIES BAR!

What is a cookie bar? A cookie bar is exactly what you think it is: a long table full of pots or baskets with different flavors of fresh cookies. Ideal for the many guests, because there is something for everyone.

Do you want a wedding with an Australian twist? Then of course the Tim Tam cookies cannot be missed. Make a cozy and attractive cookies bar with different Tim Tams and try the tim tam slam together with your guests. Or give the Tim Tam cookies as a wedding favor as a memento of your day. We currently have the ideal individual packaging for your thanks. Order our loose Tim Tam package now!

Still a cake?

If you are in doubt about a cookies bar, choose a Tim Tam cake. Stack the cookies on top of each other and finish with a satin or jute bow. Treat the Tim Tam cake with a unique topper and the wedding can start! 


Score our Tim Tam cookies NOW € 3.95 per pack!