New collaboration with Santhee! 09-08-2021

New collaboration with Santhee!



Tim Tam Tea!

What's better than a Tim Tam when drinking a cup of tea? Because Tim Tams form such a good combination with tea, Tim Tam is starting a new collaboration with Santhee! 🍵

Karin from Santhee is a certified Tea Sommelier who likes to introduce people to real tea. She does this by giving training courses, workshops and tastings.

Just as there are many different flavors of Tim Tam, there are also many types of tea. It is well known that you can combine wine with certain flavors, but this is also the case with tea! Combining Tim Tam with tea can contrast, match or balance the flavor. That is why we are very curious which tea flavors best fit our Tim Tam flavors.

In the coming period, Karin will pair different flavors of Tim Tam with different types of tea. Eating Tim Tam now really becomes an experience! So keep an eye on our channels for more information about this tasty collaboration.

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