Did you know...

Learn more about the famous Tim Tam Slams! In this article you can find the most interesting fun facts about the Australian cookies. We all know they are delicious, but did you also know...

... Tim Tams are produced by Arnotts, a company owned by the famous American soup giant Campbell's?

... Tim Tams are the number 1 chocolate biscuit cookies in Australia?

... stores sell close to 1 million Tim Tam packs a week in Australia? Everyone loves it!

... the cookies are named after the horse that won the Kentucky Derby back in 1958?

... Tim Tams first went on the market in the beginning of 1964?

... you can taste a slightly caramel flavor in the chocolate used to coat the Tim Tams?

... the Arnotts factory in Sydney produces close to 3.000 biscuits per minute?

... every 1 in 2 households contains a pack of Tim Tams?

... Tim Tam Slams are becoming more and more populair in Europe?

… coffee is the drink that is used the most for the real Tim Tam Slam experience?

… Austrialans eat about 45 million packs of Tim Tams a year?

... you can find a Tim Tam with cheese flavor in Indonesia?

... that all the orders will be sent to you in a recycled carton box? This way we hope we are helping the environment a bit. 

... we have a cool page you can use for you own school presentation?

... you can use Tim Tams for lots of delicious recipes?