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Is it your turn to give a presentation in front of the class? Are you interested in Tim Tam Slam cookies? How cool! This is the perfect subject for a nice presentation. This page gives you the most important information. Good luck!

Always start your presentation with a small introduction. Why did you choose the subject Tim Tam Slam? You can give any answer you want here. Maybe you chose the Tim Tam cookies because they are your all-time favourites? Or do you think a lot of your classmates don’t know about the existence of the cookies? 

Information about Tim Tam Slam
The basics

It always nice to start with some background information for the classmates who don’t have a clue you’re talking about. To prevent this, start with the basics. The Tim Tam cookies are made of 2 crunchy (chocolate) biscuits with smooth cream in between them and coated in special Tim Tam chocolate.

The first and original Tim Tam cookie is filled with butter, cacao and vanilla. Years later Tim Tam has expended and nowadays you can choose from a lot of different flavours. For example, you can choose for a raspberry, caramel or mint filling. Nevertheless, the original Tim Tam is still after all these years the best-selling one!

The key ingredients for the Tim Tam cookies are chocolate, sugar, wheat flower and vegetable oil. The chocolate has a unique flavour, because the chocolate is specially made for the cookies!

Note! Maybe it is nice to show your classmates some pictures of the different Tim Tam cookies? This way everyone knows what you’re talking about!

Where are the Tim Tam biscuits originally from?

The Tim Tam biscuits are invented and manufactured in Australia. In 1958 Ian Norris started experimenting with crème flavours and biscuit cookies. Ross Arnott came up with the name Tim Tam and after 6 years of perfecting the Tim Tam it got to the market. So, in 1964 the first cookies were manufactured for the public by Arnott’s factory.

Tim Tam Slam today

Tim Tam cookies are still manufactured by the Arnott’s factory. The cookies are crazy popular all over the world. In Australia there over 670 million Tim Tams made every year. Only 2% of the whole population of Australia has never heard of Tim Tam. Per minute there are approximately 3.000 original Tim Tam biscuits being produced and every 24 hours they use about 20 tonnes of chocolate.

Not only in Australia, but all around the world people love Tim Tam biscuits. Because the cookies became so popular, they have opened multiple factories to increase the production. You can find these factories in Newcastle, Brisbane and Adelaide.

How do you eat a Tim Tam biscuit?

A Tim Tam is definitely not a normal cookie. To get the full experience you have to eat the cookie the Tim Tam Slam way. With other words: you bite it, you sip it and you finish with a slam! Bite a corner, flip it over to the opposite corner and do the same. Dip you Tim Tam in your drink and suck it until it gets soft. After that, finish it and slam it in your mouth! 

Most of the people eat the Tim Tam with a cup of coffee, but you can also eat it with tea or hot chocolate. Whatever you prefer. 

Note! Show your classmates a video of a demonstration. You can find plenty on the internet. 

After your presentation everyone knows about the Tim Tam Slam cookies, but how cool is it if they can really try it? Order the cookies online and take them with you into the classroom. Maybe the teacher gives you some extra points...


  1. Which flavour is the ultimate best-seller?
    The original flavour
  2. Which country are the Tim Tams originally from?
  3. How many Tim Tams are produced every year in Australia?
    670 million!

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The best of luck with your presentation. You can do it!